About the AIPPA

Alaska Independent Power Producers Association is a newly formed energy advocacy organization dedicated to encouraging private investment and capital in assisting Alaska achieve its renewable energy goals as well as provide an opportunity for competitive priced power for Alaska’s citizens.

The Alaska Independent Power Producers Association (AIPPA) is a membership organization comprised of Alaska’s leading Alaska Independent Power Producers and developers. Our members’ locations span Alaska and are invested or interested in geothermal, wind, tidal, biomass, hydrokinetic, cogeneration and hydropower developments. AIPPA is comprised of private power developers and producers from all regions of our State. Our members include CIRI, Delta Wind Farm, Alaska Power & Telephone, , Juneau Hydropower Inc., Ocean Renewable Power Company, STG Incorporated,  Fishhook Renewable, LLC and  Alpine Energy, LLC.

AIPPA and its members dream of a future where the currently stranded renewable energy resources of Alaska are made available throughout Alaska with surplus renewable energy serving the rest of our Nation. It is not very often that an organization gets the chance to participate in the challenge of removing the technical, logistical and economic barriers and it the process creates a new industry that will bring badly needed jobs, tax base and economic well-being to the residents of Alaska. 

AIPPA is working hard to become the voice of private power investments before regulatory and decision making agencies so that Alaska can benefit from an open and encouraging energy business climate that encourages private investment into Alaska’s energy infrastructure. 

Please contact our board of directors or our executive director if you would like further information on our organization.

Bob Grimm, AP&T

Suzanne Settle, CIRI

Mike Craft, Delta Wind Farm

Keith Comstock, Juneau Hydropower Inc.

Doug Johnson, Ocean Renewable Power Company

Earle Ausman,Fish Hook Renewable

Greg Porter, Chenega Energy, LLC

Randall Call, Alyeska Ski Resort

Joel Groves, Fishhook Renewable LLC

Jim St. George, STG, Inc.

Duff Mitchell, Executive Director