Energy Independence for Alaska

Alaska’s Independent Power Producers want to help fuel our future’s growth with jobs and lower energy costs for everyone.

  • Abundant Energy
  • High Paying Jobs
  • Energy Independence
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Increasing Competition to Lower Alaskan’s Electrical Costs

Alaska Independent Power Producers Association is dedicated to bringing these benefits to our friends and neighbors. We invite you to join us in this effort.

Welcome to the AIPPA

A strong, prosperous future for Alaskans means abundant, affordable energy. Energy that comes from the heart of our land. Energy that respects our environment. Energy that brings good paying jobs to our people. The Alaska Independent Power Producers Association is made up of fellow citizens like you. People that love Alaska and are committed to its future.

  • Jobs for Alaskans Private investments in renewable and energy industry development, construction and operations-family wage jobs for Alaskans
  • Energy Independence Alaska has an opportunity to break dependence on imported energy. Alaskan energy independence and Alaska produced energy helps American Energy Independence from foreign fuel sources.
  • More Energy Choices Independent Power Producers provide smart alternatives for Alaska’s utilities and consumers Energy Independence Help break our dependence on outside sources of energy with Alaska’s bounty.
  • Growth for Alaska Abundant, affordable energy to heat our homes and run our industries.
  • Competition Drives Down Costs

Action You Can Take

Learn the Issues
What are the roadblocks standing in the way of Alaska achieving 50% renewable energy by 2025?
Call your Representative
Your elected officials need to hear your voice in supporting renewable energy jobs to bring down the high cost of power in Alaska!
Tell Others
Your neighbors and community leaders need to add their voices to support Alaskan solutions to Alaskan energy problems!
About the AIPPA
The Alaska Independent Power Producers Association (AIPPA) was formed to help promote clean, alternative energy sources in Alaska, for Alaskans. We are committed to bringing the investment capital, creating jobs, and developing our Alaska resources to help make Alaska energy affordable now and for future generations of Alaskans.