AIPPA Members

The Alaska Independent Power Producers Association is committed to providing clean, renewable energy from Alaska’s abundant natural resources. Our members have created millions of dollars of energy infrastructure investment in Alaska creating family wage jobs.

Together, we can unleash the potential of Alaska’s energy with the entrepreneurial spirit of our members. We invite like minded “can do” companies and energy service and support firms to join our association as we work towards Alaska’s energy independence in serving our communities. Alaska Independent Power Producers provide real regional solutions to regional energy problems. If you or your company are interested in joining our association, please send us an e-mail.


Arctic Energy


Arctic Energy, Inc. is a specialized provider of Distributed Generation in extreme environments. Our prominent enterprise is representing Capstone Turbine Corporation, and their On-Site Combined Heat and Power technology in the Pacific Northwest.


Delta Wind Farm


Delta Wind Farm is committed to providing cheaper and cleaner energy to the interior of Alaska. This clean, renewable energy source can help address the air quality concerns in Fairbanks by offsetting the use of diesel. By employing Delta Junction’s endless wind resource Delta Wind Farm will stabilize the price of electricity while addressing air quality in Fairbanks and growing Alaska’s economy.

STG Incorporated


Headquartered in Anchorage, STG Incorporated is a heavy industry contractor offering construction services and management to clients across the state of Alaska. STG remains one of the state’s most experienced constructors of remote energy systems and focuses specifically on projects involving utility-scale wind farms, tower construction and pile foundations along with power generation, distribution and bulk fuel storage facilities.

Juneau Hydropower


Juneau Hydropower Inc. is committed to deliver independent and competitive priced clean and natural hydroelectric power to the Capital City of Juneau providing energy security and reducing long term dependency on fossil fuels.

Fishhook Renewable Energy, LLC


Fishhook Renewable Energy, LLC is committed to providing affordable, clean, renewable energy through the responsible development of a low-impact run-of-river hydroelectric project in Hatcher Pass, Alaska.  The 2 megawatt project will provide approximately one percent of the local utility’s annual energy needs.  Fishhook is owned and operated by longtime Alaskans who are committed to the sustainable development of local energy resources that support our economy and improve the quality of life in our communities.



CIRI is an Alaska Native corporation. It is one of 12 Alaska-based regional corporations established by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 to benefit Alaska Natives who had ties to the Cook Inlet region. The Company is owned by more than 7,300 Alaska Native shareholders of Athabascan and Southeast Indian, Inupiat, Yupik, Alutiiq (Sugpiaq) and Aleut (Unangax) descent. It is based in Anchorage and has interests across Alaska, the lower 49 and abroad.

Alyeska Resort


Alyeska Resort has developed a complete Heat and Power (CHP) plant to provide electricity to the Resort while capturing and using heat generated though power generation. The CHP plant reduces the Resort’s “carbon footprint” by as much as 50 percent by increasing the efficiency of the power generation from the burning of natural gas, utilizing the excess heat to warm The Hotel Alyeska and reducing our use of the hotel’s boilers.