Governor Bill Walker on the Alaska Cost of Energy

 Expectations and Excerpts

• Much of Alaska is in an energy crisis which the State is doing little to solve

• We need immediate solutions to fill the gap before we complete a gasline project

• For those communities that will not have access to North Slope gas via pipeline, the State must help develop other long-term solutions to reduce the cost of energy.

Alaska is in an energy crisis now and we are doing little to solve that in time to save our at risk communities. There are short-term solutions available that could fill the gap while we develop a large gas line project that matches the global market opportunity before us. For those communities that will not be able to access North Slope gas directly, other long-term solutions – specific to regions or even localities – must be developed. We can develop small, local energy sources including wind, geothermal, and small hydro projects to benefit our communities. *AIPPA and its members are working with Governor Bill Walker and Lt. Governor Byron Mallott to help find and execute solutions to bring down the price of energy for Alaska. Three AIPPA members Doug Johnson, Ocean Renewable Power Company, Mike Craft, Alaska Environmental Power, and Ethan Schutt, CIRI served on Governor Bill Walker’s transition team to advise the Governor on Energy matters facing Alaskans.